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Analog Pencil Durometers

The durometer’s redesigned 1/2” diameter base is the smallest base permitted by ASTM D2240 specifications. This allows it to be used in confined or hard to reach areas other durometers cannot test. A knurled surface gives a more secure grip when making hand held readings. These durometers meet or exceed all aspects of ASTM D2240.

The instrument uses a dial gauge with a full 360° scale and bold, easy to read numbers. The dial scale can easily be read to 1/2-point readings. Accuracy of the instrument is ±1 point. A standard Max Hold hand holds the peak reading until reset.

All durometers come complete with an aluminum test block and carrying case. The test blocks are color coded to match durometer type. The blocks will read within ±1 point of a properly functioning durometer.
They can be used either with a test stand or hand-held. Please refer to the Durometer Stand Section Guide. 
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