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Digital Durometer SmartCable™
511-600 SmartCable (no software required)

Digital Durometer SmartCable™

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Part Number:511-600

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511-600 6 Ft. Cable [+$345.00]
511-620 20 Ft. Cable [+$395.00]
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Hand Switch [+$75.00]
Foot Switch [+$75.00]
The output of the SmartCable™ is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal. Connecting the Smart Cable to a PC will allow the Smart Cable to be identified as a USB keyboard device that can send data to any Microsoft Windows application from the Digital Durometer.

When the SmartCable™ is plugged into the computers USB port, it provides power to the Durometer. As a result there is no need to use the Durometers batteries or AC power adapter.

511-600 6 foot cable $345.00 and switch $75.00

511-620 with 20 foot cable $395.00 and switch $75.00

The output of the SmartCable™ USB Keyboard is a standard 2.0 keyboard signal. Readings can be sent to any Windows application's cursor point or highlighted cell. Works great with Mircosoft® Excel. No special software required.

Most gages are powered by batteries. The computer USB connection provides power to the SmartCable™. As a result, the PTC® Instruments digital durometer can obtain power from the SmartCable™ USB keyboard or can use separate power of it's own.
  • Rotary Switch Setting. ( Internal )
  • Set to #6- Timer Delay Mode- instant reading followed by 10 seconds between readings
  • Set to #8- Continuous Readings
  • Set to #9- Continuous Readings with an interval of 10 seconds between successive readings intervals
  • Foot Switch Activated
  • Batteries or AC power are not required when Smart Cable is attached to the computer.
NOTE* The PTC® SmartCable requires the Hand Switch or the Foot Switch to send the signal to the PC. Each SmartCable™ comes with either a hand or foot switch. 

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