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Hydraulic Durometer Stands

NIST Certification included
ASTM Type 2 Indenter to Specimen

PTC® has developed the first mechanical operating stand that delivers a load sufficient to overcome the spring force of the durometer smoothly and without shock in approximately 1 second from contact. Most other mechanical stands apply an increasing load over time which gives inconsistent and inaccurate readings. Since elastomeric materials creep over time, it is essential that the load be applied promptly.

This precisely engineered durometer stand has a hydraulic damper controlling the rate of descent smoothly, without jump or stutter. The unit is activated with a simple smooth lever control. This stand is designed for serious testing, eliminating operator variability and increased accuracy and repeatability. Whether in the lab or in a production environment you will get accurate and repeatable readings you can trust.

This heavy duty stand features a solid base for stability and a solid 1” diameter Stainless Steel Precision Ground Support Shaft for accurate alignment. It will accommodate both standard and pencil length durometers. It is made with high precision components throughout. Including ball bearings, sintered bronze bushings and precision machined components.

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