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PTC® Durometers / Shore® Hardness
PTC Duromters
PTC® Instruments manufactures durometers to meet or exceed ASTM D2240 and offers A2LA calibration services accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 ANSI/NCSL, Z540-1. There are 6 different durometer styles to choose from, in the Shore Hardness Scale A | B | C | D | DO | O | OO | OOO and OOO-S.

Our sales department (310-478-1134) will help you determine the correct durometer for your hardness test. We offer material testing to determine the correct durometer type and style for your application at no charge. Click here to view or download PDF DUROMETER TYPES AND SPECIFICATIONS
  • D Scale Durometers
    Measure the hardness of acrylic, epoxy, fiberglass, hard rubber, vinyl, cellulose acetate, and other similar materials. ASTM D2240
  • DO Scale Durometers
    Measure the hardness of fireproof coatings, slasher beams, Pyrocrete®, and dense textile winding.
  • E Scale Durometers
    E Scale Durometers test the hardness of Medium Density Textile Windings, Soft Rubber, Foamed Elastomers, Wound Threads, Yarn Packages.
  • M Scale Durometers
    This system is designed specifically for measuring small cross section O-rings and thin pieces of rubber (not less than 1.25mm thick).
  • O Scale Durometers
    Measure the hardness of soft printing rollers, nylon, rayon, orlon, artgume, and textile windings.
  • OO Scale Durometers
    Type OO durometers measure the hardness of polyethylene foam roll, sponge rubber, very soft rubber.
  • Digital Durometers Digital Durometers
    All PTC® digital durometers include an A2LA/NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate to ISO 17025 from PTC Metrology™
  • Composite Foam Durometer Composite Foam Durometer
    Amusement Ride Safety Cushions, Vehicle Seats, Dashboards, Headrests, Armrests, Door Panels
  • Foam & Sponge Rubber Foam & Sponge Rubber
    Model 302SL Durometer Measures the Hardness of soft materials such as foam rubber, sponge rubber, cellular material and gel-like materials.